Why atheists and fundamentalists are both idiots

Stephen Hawking is fairly sacrosanct among intellectuals. Really most people. As Homer put it, “the wheelchair guy” is Heralded every few seconds.

And probably should be. He’s a smart motherfucker.

But this article on Livescience.com illustrates to me why, generally, either extreme point of view is usually a little batshit nuts, and often fully batshit nuts.

Far left liberals are usually crazy (I’ve lived in the northeast all my life; I know of what I speak), and far-right conservatives are fucking crazy too.


The answer’s really pretty simple: Continue reading


Facebook = Soylent Green subscription service

so I recently joined facebook.

what a crock of shit. goddamn, are we that much Eloi that we line up to give out our private information? stop asking goddamn questions about me… are they that important? or is it that important that I THINK they’re important? and what’s with all the fucking security measures? who gives a shit if someone “hacks” or “phishes” my account? i am not that important… it’s fucking me, you soulless piece of transistors!

this is the face of a very bleak future. this is how Eloi line up to be burgers. nicely done, whoever you are, Morlocks.

Mission Statement:

The rays of the setting sun of the fifth of May lit up for the last time all the magnificence of the Rome of the Renaissance, then the fairest and richest city in all the world…. On the morning of the seventh of May, Rome presented a spectacle that baffled all description…. Everywhere there was the most ruthless devastation, everywhere rapine and murder. The air re-echoed to the wailings of women, the plaintive cries of children, the barking of dogs, the neighing of chargers, the clash of arms, and the crash of timber from burning houses. All accounts, even the Spanish, agree that no age, no sex, no station, no nationality, neither Spaniard nor German, neither church nor hospital was spared.

–Ludwig Von Pastor, History of the Popes, 9:387, 399