Dead Butterflies: Exorcism and the thirst for the Unreal in a “Rational” world

There’s been a recent sem-glut of articles about the Vatican’s attempt to expand the understanding of the Ritual Romanum, or the rite of exorcism– read about it here.

In a seemingly concrete, [boldly overly-] rationalist society, why would we care? More to the point, why would MSNBC invest enough of their capitalist-based belief in your wanting to read about it, and why would the Vatican (who don’t¬†publicize¬†anything on anything, let alone exorcism of all fucking things) seek publicity about this area?

Are they asking to be mocked?


Those religious fuckers are shrewd. They understand branding. They know how to get Your Love back. Continue reading


Facebook = Soylent Green subscription service

so I recently joined facebook.

what a crock of shit. goddamn, are we that much Eloi that we line up to give out our private information? stop asking goddamn questions about me… are they that important? or is it that important that I THINK they’re important? and what’s with all the fucking security measures? who gives a shit if someone “hacks” or “phishes” my account? i am not that important… it’s fucking me, you soulless piece of transistors!

this is the face of a very bleak future. this is how Eloi line up to be burgers. nicely done, whoever you are, Morlocks.