Why atheists and fundamentalists are both idiots

Stephen Hawking is fairly sacrosanct among intellectuals. Really most people. As Homer put it, “the wheelchair guy” is Heralded every few seconds.

And probably should be. He’s a smart motherfucker.

But this article on Livescience.com illustrates to me why, generally, either extreme point of view is usually a little batshit nuts, and often fully batshit nuts.

Far left liberals are usually crazy (I’ve lived in the northeast all my life; I know of what I speak), and far-right conservatives are fucking crazy too.


The answer’s really pretty simple: Continue reading


The secret selfishness of the new-parent “epiphany.”

How many of you know someone, maybe it’s you, who fits this mold:

  • Somewhat irresponsible;
  • Probably mid to late-20s;
  • Recently had a child(ren);
  • Suddenly very enthusiastic about the Meaning of Life.

Perhaps you’ve heard (or said) some transliteration of this: “I understand life now”; “My life before seemed meaningless”; “I suddenly seem so insignificant”; “You just don’t understand… I get it now….”


This is what I’m going to call (why not?) the Fallacy of Profundity of the Recent Parent.

The recent parent is suddenly Inspired, suddenly Understands It All, Just Gets It, etc.

Here’s what is actually happening: Continue reading