Why Atheists Have the Most Faith

They agree to let the world happen… however it does.


Money Is Not Real

Obviously, there’s been a shitload of discussion, these last few years, regarding the recession.

Most of it useless, abstract, conjectural finger-pointing, generally in a manner suggesting the furthering of political agendas: “Democrats did it,” “Republicans did it,” “Banks did it,” and so on.

I won’t pretend to understand the intricacies of economics. However, I’m not stupid. I went to college. I worked a long time at a job that required me to think critically about nearly everything.

And something in the economic brouhaha seemed wrong. Continue reading

i am become death, unmaker of worlds

i’m an archaic, dead thing: a journalist. you remember those. this is my site. i hope you like it. i hope you come back here for a goddamn place to say what you actually fucking mean and hear the same in return.

so, no punctuation. i will kill this fucking machine if it keeps underlining everything in red.

i’ve had a long life and seen a lot of shit. and no, not like most of you think you have. this is where the foul-smelling fruits of decades of wasted and used opportunities spurts dividends.

New Column: Decline of the West

as the more literate of you may’ve noticed in the mission statement, my overall arching theme is the making-explicit of the Not– and the most important thing to be made explicit is the fall of our culture:

Spengler predicted that the West, already well into its twilight, would experience further decline as rationalism, mass manipulation and material expression succeeded the profound art, religion, and philosophy of the past.

i’m not saying we’re in the end times or some histrionic shit like that.

i’m saying we should be!

anyway, i’m contributing to Sawtooth Wave every now and again. go there!