The new stasi: or the sad polar opposite of the Kitty Genovese incident

This is from an article on about a “service” called “Internet Eyes Limited.” Here’s the description:

In the autumn of 2009 Internet Eyes Limited hit the headlines when they announced their desire to launch a CCTV game that they were keen to claim was not a game. Private individuals would subscribe to private camera feeds connected to the internet and spy on people going about their business, with a cash prize each month for the person who reports the most infringements.


Goddamn people. I know the trite clichéd “Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it” trope. Continue reading


The secret selfishness of the new-parent “epiphany.”

How many of you know someone, maybe it’s you, who fits this mold:

  • Somewhat irresponsible;
  • Probably mid to late-20s;
  • Recently had a child(ren);
  • Suddenly very enthusiastic about the Meaning of Life.

Perhaps you’ve heard (or said) some transliteration of this: “I understand life now”; “My life before seemed meaningless”; “I suddenly seem so insignificant”; “You just don’t understand… I get it now….”


This is what I’m going to call (why not?) the Fallacy of Profundity of the Recent Parent.

The recent parent is suddenly Inspired, suddenly Understands It All, Just Gets It, etc.

Here’s what is actually happening: Continue reading

The Cowardice of Irony

Irony is a bullshit facade, a pose designed to make you look sophisticated while you hide behind semantics.

Mean what you say.

RISK something. Put yourself out there. Actually have the Balls (or the Clit) to stand behind something, and actually fucking risk Having An Opinion. Buddha Forbid you should be VULNERABLE.

But don’t go so goddamn far as to qualify for Fundamentalism.

It’s a balance, motherfuckers. Life is not on either extreme. Continue reading

i am become death, unmaker of worlds

i’m an archaic, dead thing: a journalist. you remember those. this is my site. i hope you like it. i hope you come back here for a goddamn place to say what you actually fucking mean and hear the same in return.

so, no punctuation. i will kill this fucking machine if it keeps underlining everything in red.

i’ve had a long life and seen a lot of shit. and no, not like most of you think you have. this is where the foul-smelling fruits of decades of wasted and used opportunities spurts dividends.