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The new stasi: or the sad polar opposite of the Kitty Genovese incident

This is from an article on about a “service” called “Internet Eyes Limited.” Here’s the description:

In the autumn of 2009 Internet Eyes Limited hit the headlines when they announced their desire to launch a CCTV game that they were keen to claim was not a game. Private individuals would subscribe to private camera feeds connected to the internet and spy on people going about their business, with a cash prize each month for the person who reports the most infringements.


Goddamn people. I know the trite clichéd “Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it” trope.

And call me cynical, but I’ve also accepted that that’s just what happens: people forget it. Then repeat it. It’s like tragedy shampoo.

What saddens me, and I hope saddens you, dear readers, is that the window for the repeat performances of said tragedies keeps getting smaller and smaller. Can’t we at least go a hundred years or so without a new Stasi?

And what’s worse, is that in our people-are-cattle-for-capitalism/ capitalism-makes-whores-of-us-all society, it’s fucking US that are doing the spying! For a prize, no less!

The amoral part of my brain wants to take this time to say, “Well done, Orwellian overlords”– you have managed to get we ourselves to govern (aka “rat out”) each other. Why bother with jackbooted thugs when you can have us do it? Talk about efficient “service delivery.” (God I hate that term. I’m sure IBM used something similar when they were tattooing Jews on the trains to Dachau.)

Dogs would look down on us. If they did that sort of thing.

It’s the exact –though equally dispiriting– opposite of the Kitty Genovese incident: how many neighbors watching Kitty get stabbed to death and doing little/nothing, would have reported the shit out of that if there were money, recognition or a shot on a reality show involved? Fuck “diffusion of responsibility,” you kick in the Humans’ innate greed and they are fucking motivated.

Overcome your biology Humans. It’s being used against you. Use your brain to tell you what’s right, not your instincts.


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