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Dead Butterflies: Exorcism and the thirst for the Unreal in a “Rational” world

There’s been a recent sem-glut of articles about the Vatican’s attempt to expand the understanding of the Ritual Romanum, or the rite of exorcism– read about it here.

In a seemingly concrete, [boldly overly-] rationalist society, why would we care? More to the point, why would MSNBC invest enough of their capitalist-based belief in your wanting to read about it, and why would the Vatican (who don’t publicize anything on anything, let alone exorcism of all fucking things) seek publicity about this area?

Are they asking to be mocked?


Those religious fuckers are shrewd. They understand branding. They know how to get Your Love back.

I won’t argue the phenomenological truth of it– what I will argue is that, for whatever reason, psychosis or not, man Longs To Touch God. Maybe it’s a brain anomaly, maybe it’s legitimate seeking of the Divine– it doesn’t really fucking matter. Bottom line: we want to feel connected to what we hold to be divine, or Unreal.

Oswald Spenger said (about the decline of the west), that said West “…will experience further decline as Rationalism, mass manipulation and material expression succeeded the profound art, religion and philosophy of the past.”

These are the death throws of a culture very faintly, nearly unconsciously, nearly nostalgically, longing for something Other. Something not quantifiable, something they can’t “like” on Facebook.

The unknowable. The Unreal.

The current US Rationalism (a pathetic attempt to edge out the Unknown — Das Unheimliche) is pendulum back-swinging– “mass manipulation/material expression”… eventually, even the dumbest cow will glance at the sky curiously… where does pendulum wanna swing now?

To the abstract– in whatever form we can get.

This is a shrewd re-branding attempt by the Catholic church (aka ye olde corporation– never forget that “business is just war by other means”) to re-instill that drive; how ironic is it that that the fucking Catholic church might actually be on a beneficial course? I exaggerate of course– though barely.

The eloi/ cudlips LOVE rationalism: it keeps them free from uncertainty– but even their marrow knows there’s more, or at least is scared shitless that there might not be….

E.G.: The ancient Chinese belief that butterflies are spirits = “madness!” Hunter Thompson mentioned, about Kentucky, the “bloated, incurious faces“… but this pretty much describes anywhere in the US or Western Europe, sadly….

OWN this! own that! possess… you mean kill it to enjoy it. Like the butterfly. Like a butterfly collection. That’s not how it works, people. Possess it, steal its life, like the literary simile– a dead butterfly, killed to enjoy it, when what you’re actually enjoying is a corpse.

Feel that irony– that the Catholic Church, responsible for witch burning and indulgences, might be showing you the Light and the Truth.

Jesus Christ….


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